The dead of jericho

The dead of jericho gy ministar241S 02, 2010 S pagos THE DEAD OF JERICHO CHARACTERS: Chief Inspector Morse: he is a clever man. He is a detective. He has 3 weaknesses: beer, women and Mozart. Anne Scott: Wide brown eyes, Clear skin and generous mouth Early thirties. Sergeant Lewis: Morse’s assistant George Jackson: he was Sixty-six, short and thin with water blue eyes. He did odd jobs to his neighbors. Mrs. Murdoch: A large, plain, cheerful woman in her late forties. He had 2 children Michael and Edward Murdoch: (18 and 17 age) Mrs. Murdoch’s sons. Edward was to resent an exam.

Michael left the school, he turned to drugs and rs Charles and Conrad h xchanged their Sv. ipe View names in the story. Celia Richards: Charl nt of him. Jennifer Hills There was a party in Mrs. Murdoch’s house where Morse knew that beautiful woman named Anne Scott. She told him she had studied modern languages at university, she had worked as a foreign sales representative for a company in Croydon, but she had to leave her job, now she is a German teacher. When she was nineteen she got married. Morse received a call from the officer and he had to leave the party.

A few days Swlpe to vlew next page later, Morse went to Jericho because of a murder in one house f Canal Reach. It was the number 9 ofthat narrow street, Morse entered to the house and the dcor was unlocked. It was a light turned on upstalrs; he felt someone was in Anne’s house. Morse went out of the house. It could hear the siren of a police car or an ambulance entering to the street. They were founded the body of Anne Scott hanged in the middle of the kitchen. Morse was looking for a letter who explains why Anne hanged herself but nothing appears. There were a lot of questions without answers.

Was Anne hanged herself? Why the door was unlocked? Was somebody kill her? Next week Morse went to Mrs. Murdoch and talked with Edward, the guy who took German classes with Anne, he didn’t know vvhy Anne changes the class_ He suspected that his brother Michael and Anne had have sex sometimes, thats What Michael Said but he was so liar. Lewis and Morse investigated about everything around the number g. I don’t remember but there was a letter for Charles, asking for money, the person who wrote that letter wants Charles left the bag of money near a phone case.

Next day, Morse and Lewis went to talk with Charlie at his office, which was the first time they went there. Charles said he knew Anne Scott, she wa RI_IFS at his office, which was the first time they went there. Charles said he knew Anne Scott, she was his lover. Obviously his wife didn’t know anything. But Celia, his wife, founded the letter of Anne, so she started to suspected that Anne and her husband had been seen each other a long time ago. The policemen wanted to talk with Conrad, Charles’s brother, but he went to vacations and they didn ‘t know when he is going to return.

The new question was who wrote the letter ofthe money? They knew Jackson didn’t do because he couldn’t write. So they suspect that somebody made the letter by him. Morse went to visit another house where Jackson worked for. The woman said that Jackson wanted 100 pound for the job but she didn ‘t have that money so she offered 75 pounds and helped him reading a letter. When she started reading, noticed that was the letter that Anne left before hanged herself, she didn’t finish reading it. That’s all the woman could say to them.

Morse and Lewis returned to question Charles but this time his wife heard all the lies he was saying to the police and she decided to tell them «the truth». She said it was her who went to see Anne Scott the afternoon she died. She never really knew about the ffair between Charles and Anne until that day she found a letter fr 31_1fS She never really knew about the affair between Charles and Anne until that day she found a letter from Anne to him. She wrote that she needed to see hirn; she was desperate and needed money so she decided to visit Anne.

She took the Roll Royce. The door was unlocked so she went in and that’s al’. But it was a lie!! A big lie!!! Anne knew she was pregnant, maybe that’s why she hanged… both police had to think about that. Morse told Lewis about an Ancient Greek’s story, Oedipus. Oedipus’s mom was pregnant when Oedipus’s father, the King, went to see the Oracle. He said that the King would have a baby which killed him, so the King decided to kill his son first. Oedipus was given in adoption by a servant of the king, he raised him.

One day, Oedipus return to See the Oracle, and he Said that he was going to kill his father, so he decided to left her «fathe< and went to the town of the King, without knowing he was his father. Oedipus sews the Queen, his mother, and he fell in love with her. They got married and had a Iot of children. When the Queen knew Oedipus was her child she decided to hanged herself, (as Anne) and when Oedipus knew the Queen was his mother, he decided o take out his eyes. Thars the story, and Morse thought that the Queen was Anne, the King was Char 406 S take out his eyes.

King was Charles Richards and their son was Michael, because he was adopted by Mrs. Murdoch, he could be Anne’s son. Mrs. Murdoch was passing difficult problems, she couldn’t take care of Edward as she wanted because Michael was on hospital, he was very illa He was losing his vision of one eye and the doctors said it could be possible he came blind. Next day Lewis investigated about Anne’s son and he discovered that he was given on adoption and three years later he died, so Michael couldn’t be her son. So Morse had to thing in other options.

He suspected of Conrad, because he never stayed when the officers had to interview the witnesses. The story turned a little confusing, because it explains Conrad and Charles were changing their names several times and they traveled to Madrid and then to another place I don’t remember. Morse discovered that Anne cancelled Edward’s lessons because she was expecting men from the curtain company to fit the new curtains. By the end, when Conrad Richards had arrived from Madrid, two policemen waiting him. They arrested for the murder of Mr. George Jackson. SÜFS