Tense gy karitierro gexaõpR 02, 2010 a pagos tense Iformulae lusage ITime expressions lexample I I Isimple present I Affirmative forms: It expresses a fact EVERY : – YEAR sleep in the bed? I Does she I – YOU – WE – THEY + VERB INFINITIVE + COMPLEMENT always true, I -W EEK their children? Iwhich IS Why do parents love ISHE – HE- IT + VERB INFINI IVE+S- ES or IES + COMPLEMENT time I- MONTH Negative forms: I It also expresses a INFINITIVE + COMPLE I SHE l- SEASON ors to View nut*ge lor true a long T or DO NOT + VERB habit OES NOT + VERB Simple questions: IDO +1 -YOU COMPLEMENT?

DOES+ SHE – HE – WE – THEY + VERB INFINITIVE + IT + VERN INFINITIVE COMP EMENT? Question Word questions: WHAT + DOES + SHE – HE- IT + VERB INFINITIVE + COMPLEMENT? Future facts and travel tomorrow? NEXT: – YEAR IWill you ISUBJECT + WILL ‘LL INFINITIVE + COMPLEMENT + VERB II Will predictions with no someday present evidence. l- WEEK NOT or WONT – MONTA Simple question Decisions made at the l- CLASS ove time of speaking WILL + SUBJECT VERB INFINITIVE +

ITOMORROW: – MORNING Question word questions Offers, promises, EVENING WHERE Ithreats, hopes, fears, l- WHEN I requests and warnings AFTERNOON l- NIGHT + WILL + SUBJECT + VERB INFINITIVE + THE FUTURE WHY HOW l- SOME MORE YEARS WHAT, etc – FOUR MORE WEEKS WHO + COMPLEMENT? RB INFINITIVE Question word question: WHAT + AM +1 + GOING -ro + VERB INFINITIVE IT + GOING TO + VERB INFINI IVE+ COMPLEMENT? HOW + ARE + WE- TO + VERB INFINITVE + COMPLEMENT? WHY, etc HEY – YOU + GOING I Present perfect Affirmative and negative forms:

Events that beganl ÉVER (interrogative sentences) They have eaten a big chocolate I -YOU – + HAVE/VE + VERB IN PAST PARTICIPLE + COMPLEMENT in the past andare IALWAYS ( affirmative yesterday. HAVEN’T or I Still continuing. ALREADY ever ridden on a HAVE NOT I Events that started in INEVER motorbike? I cake Have you ISHE – HE- IT+HAS/’S + VERB IN PAST PARTICIPLE + COMPLEMENT a time period that is IJUST HASN’T or s e ces) Inot finished. I YET ( negative and interrogative sentences) I 31_1f3 HAS NOT