Nada gy lovchcart ACKa6pR 03, 2010 | pagos FRANCIA 1. One ofthe most important countries in the world. Its main City is Paris. • Location: Western Europe Flag Since 1880, the tricolor is the official emblem of the French Republic. BLUE: Free WHITE: Equality RED: Fraternity • time zone: more th Population Over ofthe pop white. ors Sv. çx to View nut*ge e and is mostly Among foreigners, predominantly Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and western and northern Africa * TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Rodin Museum, Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Musée ‘Orsay, Place de la Concorde, LIDO. * CUSTOMS The French have one long tradition in the kitchen that is very recognized world-wide level. and the rise and movement ofthe skirts. AVERAGE OF TRANSPORTS • France has an effective and comfortable railway network. ?? In each City networks of public transport for bus exist, or more rarely of street car and meter in the great cities. * Airplane * Automobile * Train * Bicycle * Urban * Transport -k Bus * Meter * Taxi SPORTS * SWIMM by its coasts * The French mountains Offer an excellent zone of ski. * It has more than 200 clubs of golf. Cycling -k To ski GASTRONOMY The gastronomy of France is considered like one of most important of the world. It is characterized by his variety, fruit of the French regional diversity.

The French usually take a light breakfast that usually consists of croissants or bread and coffee or hot chocolate. The lunch was long ago the main food of the day. In Paris, the lunch is taken in later returns to the 13 hours and dinner to the 19 hours or. PRESCRIPTION * Time of preparación 3 * 25 gr. of butter * 2 onions medians * 2 green peppers 2 spoonfuls of dry white wine * 1 lemon The juice of 1/2 lemon * Olive 0il * Thyme * Pepper * Salt PREPARATION previous steps: to cut the onlon in hoops, to mince the thyme, to divide the tomato, the lemon in slices.

Ist we placed the sea bream on a paper piece aluminum we ripened, it with thyme, pepper and Salt, and threw a little wine superficially, the juice of leman and a pair of spoonfuls of oil. Next we Will surround the sea bream with the paper aluminum. Once we put locked up it in the furnace and we cook one hour average temperature. On the other hand fry the onion with two oil spoons until it becomes is transparent. We remove the onion and on the same fat we also fried lightly the peppers.

Next, in a tray we placed the onion and peppers, and on them we threw the sea bream. Finally we dusted the sea bream with fresh thyme, and adorned with the tomato and the slices of lemon. FRENCH CELEBRATIONS – New Year: 1 of January – Celebration ofKings: to ler Sunday after New Year – San Valentin: 14 of February – Tuesday of Carnival: 24 of February – Easter: Between the 22 of March and the 25 of April – Day ofthe work: 1 of May – Celebration of Music: 21 of June National Celebration: 14 31_1f3 – Days of the Patrimony: t d of September