Music test

Music test gy lucianava1992 nexa6pp 02, 2010 4 pagos Name: Date: Mark all Answers on your ScanTron Answer Sheet. The most effective way to find and narrow a topic online is to use A) search engines. B) subject directories. C) neither A nor B. D) both A and B. ora The speech pu What the speaker wishes the audience ethical specific general initial get fr When giving classroom presentations, do the following to avoid boringyour audience and raising tension in the classroom. Discuss only well-known topics. Include humorous anecdotes in your speech. source. how important the source is to the point.

The vast world of information gathered by others is called research. questionnaire tertiary prmary secondary 8. To generate ideas for topics, try brainstorming by category. Word association. topic mapping. all of the above. Narratives are used to get listeners’ feedback. convey a message. present firsthand findings -gov anet . org 16. When used as supporting material in a speech, examples can represent. illustrate. describe. do all of the above. 17. Which of the following is not important to distinguish when evaluating Internet sources? information misinformation reification ropaganda 18.

When speakers credlt speech sources, they gain credibility. avoid plagiarism. 3Lvf4 testimony can be evaluated by checking the reliability of the source. the timeliness of the information. 25. Discerning listeners accept supporting materials as legitimate if the speaker provides credentials establishing the sources as reliable and credible. cites only the publication name and date. speaks convincingly. is well dressed. 26. speech purpose answers the question, «Why am I speaking on this topic to this particular audience on this occasion? » informative persuas. ve