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La vida gy uictorpcrl 110R6pR 16, 2011 pagcs GREEN ENERGY Alexander Cuellar, Andrea Chavez, Mayerly Gamboa INTRODUCTION Green energy is a term that describes the energy generated from primary energy sources environmentally friendly. Green energy are renewable energy and it’ s not polluting, that is, is a method of production or use not issues that might affect products on the environment. The world where we live is powered by energy. gach daily action, at home, at work, at transport, industry, the energy is the engine that allows us to function.

And eve time we need more… But, are we aware of eve consequences of a li OBJECTIVES * To present meth light switch and the ora Sv. ipe to View next*ge impact that energy generate at the world. * Encourage people about the rational use of the energy JUSTIFICATION This topic was chosen because it is important to know about the situation of the planet when we use the energy, causing an impact environmental, damaging human health and the All about The green energ/, What is the mean?

How can be used by the people? Called green energy or renewable energy to the inputs of nexhaustible natural sources, the environment because ofthe large quantity of energy they contain, Swlpe to vlew nexr page between the energy is hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, biomass and biofuels. Renewable sources of energy can be divided into tuvo categories: clean or clean and contaminants.

Some energies that can avoid the contamination The sun, wind, rivers, seas, waves, the heat of the earth, mixing between freshwater and saline (blue energy). ALTERNATIVES TO SAVE ENERGY IN COLOMBIA Although it is encouraging that the technology already exists to xtract from sources as diverse as the sun, wind, tides, sugarcane bagasse, peel a banana and even the trash, the truth is necessary to go a long way befare they became a real alternative to the global requirements.

In terms of clean and renewable energy after hydroelectricity, followed in importance by biofuels, in particular from sugar cane and African palm, the high efficiency of these crops have been shown in comparison with others such as cassava , beets or bananas. This as their way of second generation biofuels, associated with the use of organic waste rom Wood or bagasse. The green energy has been positioned as one of the most important resources because it helps to save energy and contribute to improve the environment.

Also Irs veo,’ cheap only you need to pay the installation and maintenance because the fuels are free, for example the win, water or the suri. I Will give us one example a maintenance because the fuels are free, for example the win, water or the sun. I Will give us one example about the green energy. The solar energy panel, without electrical connection, it increase the emperature inside the home while eliminating odors and humidity, it can be installed in the roof or the window.

This is an example of the green energy because this panel replaces the air conditioned; besides it works with the sun ‘s raya Conclusions: You may think that Earth has plenty of non-renewable resources…. but have you considered how much energy we use in a day? CONSIDER THIS!! : «On average, each person in developed countries such as Canada (and the United States I uses as much energy in Six months as a itizen of developing countries such as Nepal uses in his or her entire lifetime. Taken from: Suzuki, David and Vanderlinden, Kathy. You are the Earth: Know the planet so you can make it better. Vancouver : Greystone Books, 1999. At this rate, we may run out of non-renewable resources such as oil, goal and gas before we realize. It is not only the depletion of these resources that we should worry humanity but the waste produced from their consumption. Global Warming is a problem created by waste by the excessive amounts of Carbon Dioxide. 31_1f3