Khilhkuitgkjuiojkho gy barbhyiiix 02, 2010 6 pagos sony Ericsson pc suite 3. 204. 00 IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT YOUR PHONE BEFORE INSTALLING THE SONY ERICSSON pc SUITE. CONTENTS or6 to View nut*ge CD Content 1 . System Requirem 2. Supported Phones 3. USB Phone Drivers 4. Install/Uninstall/Updates Supported Personal Information Managers (PIMs) 6. Synchronization 7. Getting Started with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite 8. Limitations O. CD content From this CD, you Will be able to install/download the following Home Premium and Home Basic The general system requirements are:

Pentium II – 233 MHz or more At least 50 MB free hard disk space. Windows xp: 128 MB RAM Windows Vista: 512 MB RAM The following Operating Systems are not supported by the Sony Ericsson PC Suite: Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows ME Windows NT If yau want to connect your phone using Bluetooth technology, the following Bluetooth Stacks are supported by the Sony Ericsson pc Suite: Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 embedded Bluetooth Stack Microsoft Vista embedded Bluetooth Stack Widcornrn Bluetooth stack: 1. 4, 3. x, 4. , 5. x, 6. x (Vista) Cl Toshiba Bluetooth Stack : 3. x, 4x, 5. x (Vista) If yau are using Toshiba Bluetooth stack, it is strongly advised that you pair your Sony Ericsson phone outside the PC Suite, using the stack built-in pairing wizard. It is recommended that the Sony Ericsson PC Suite is installed in the same language as the Operating System otherwise trash characters in the applications might be the especially for Asian langua The USB phone drivers are automatically installed with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMANDED TO NOT PLUG YOUR PHONE BEFORE INSTALLING THE DRIVERS. If yau want however to use your phone over USB without installing the PC Suite, ou can find the phone drivers in: Drivers 4. INSTALUUNINSTALUUPDATES INSTALLATION It is recommended that all Windows applications are closed before the installation is started. To install the Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3. 2: . nsert the CD ROM provided with your Sony Ericsson phone. 2. Wait for the Autorun to display the installation interface. Click on Sart. xe in the CD ROM folder if the interface is not displayed. 3. Select Your language. 4. Click on «Install Sony Ericsson PC Suite» or the PC Suite icon 5. Follow the installation steps Pressing SHIFT when the C Will temporarily disable 31_1f6 he 5. SUPPORTED PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGERS (PIMs) The Sony Ericsson PC Suite is designed to work with the following plMs: Windows Contact (Vista Contacts Manager) Windows Calendar (Vista Calendar) Microsoft Outlook 2007 Microsoft Outlook 2003 Microsoft Outlook 2002 Microsoft Outlook 2000 Lotus Notes 7 Lotus Notes 6. Lotus Notes 6 Lotus Notes 5 Windows Address Book (Outlook Express) Sony Ericsson PC Suite proprietary contact & calendar manager 6. SYNCHRONIZATION Befare the first synchronization, you have to configure the sync settings. You can choose which data types to sync Contacts Calendar Tasks Notes Bookmarks is taken as first name in phone) Last name: Job title: Title: Company: Company: E-mail 1: E-mail 2: E-mail 2: E-mail 3: Web page address: Web address: Mobile phone: Mobile: Home p hone: Home number: Home 2 phone: Mobile (Private): Business phone: Work number: Business 2 phone: Mobile (Work): Business fax.

Fax number: Other: Other number: Business Street: Business Street: Business City: Business City: Business State/Province: Business State: Business ZIP/Postal code: Business Zip code: Business Country/Region: Business Country: Home Street: Home Street: Home City: Home City: Home State/Province: Home State: Home ZIP/Postal code: Home ZIP/Postal code: Home Country/Region: Home Country/Region: Description field: Info: * Data type: Calendar Subject: Location: Location.

Start date & time: Start date & time: End date & time: End date & time: Rem inder: Rem inder: Recurrence: Recurrent appointment: Description field: Descr Infrared. Follow the connection wizard connect your phone. To get more information on the phone modes, click on Overview button. To get additional help select Help menu or click on Fl. IMITATIONS If there is more data in the PIM than allowed in the phone, the ynchronization Will be aborted and you Will be asked to free up space on your phone or reduce the scope of the synchronization.

It is a good rule to check the number of items in the phone from time to time to make sure that there is enough free space for new items to be synchronized. Text Messages If yau have changed location for where to save your messages in your phone (e. g. from Phone memory to Memory Stick or vice versa), all messages might not be displayed in the Sony Ericsson pc suite. Bluetooth If you are using Toshiba Bl , it is strongly advised that you pair your Sony Ericsso