Generales gy jorgcraulpineda noq6pR 16, 2011 | 2 pagos the letter arrived in early november. laurie was at the march house with the girls and their mother. mrs. march mr. march is in washintong and he is very sick. please come quickly. from, s. hale. the girls were very unhahappy. mrs. march ‘ s face was white. children, listen to me! she said. help me, please. laurie, please write to mr. hale. i’ m going to take the morning train. s, mrs. march, laurie said. jo, take a letrer to Aunt march. i’ m going to ask her for money, Beth, ask mr. laurence for foot and drink for mrs. march. amy, get to page my black bag, come later, mr. btooke ca he said to meg, miss ora Sv. ipe to View nut*ge march, i want to go with your mother tomorrow. i can do some work for mr. laurence in washintong, too. thank you, meg said. mother would like that. yes, thank you, mr. brooke, she said. en she asked, ehere • s ja? the front door opened. it was jo. jo… your hair! mrs. march said. jo ‘s hair was very short. What did you do? aunt march is reading your letter, she said. but here ‘s some money or father from me. webt to a man in twon. he buys hair. oh. jo , thankyou, mrs. march said. i love you for this. jo smiled at her mother, but that night she didn ‘t sleep. What s wrong, jo? meg asked. my hair! jo said. her eyes were red. my hair!.