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Famous places ayantar 1213 ACKa5pR 02, 2010 3 pagcs Reichstag (famous places) My place is the Reichstag building in Berlin with a volume 400,000 cubic meters the building was used until as a forum of German history, for exhibitions and conferences until, when it was severely damaged in a fire supposedly set by a Dutch communist For the reconstruction of the Reichstag. The great dome of glass and Steel has already become a new symbol of Berlina The interior contains works by important painters and sculptors.

The artistic works is perhaps most notable oratory designed and uilt by Günter vecker a place of meditation for parliamentary. Flag The current tricolor fl there equal horizont Schwarz-rot-gold»). It Germany. ors to View nut*ge of e the ore consists of d gold (in German e federal republic of The German flag was not always black, red and gold after the austro-prussian war of 1866. The north German federation adopted a tricolor black, white and red.

This flag later become the banner of the German empire formed after German • This is the flag of Germany • It has 3 colors • It colors are aggressive • It has 3 horizontal bands ?? The first color is black • The second color is red • The third color is Yellow • The red band is between the golden and black bands • Those are the combination of the colors of semi-official coat of arms of the holy roman empire.

Museum island (Famous Place) This place is a historic area in the City of berlin ,is in the middle of the south of the island fischerinsel, that is on the river spreren in the center of the City This island has five museum 1 Old the first public museum of prussian These are: 301d national gallery 4 bode museum pergamo museum 2new museum On the island are the first settlements of the City it is has part of the palace of the voters of branderburg it is has great global relevance , and it is a cultural ‘con.

It is built of limestone , and has one of the largest collection of sculptures and painting of the XIX century. It is considered world patrimony of the humanity ,is an interesting place for travelers Who love cultural turism. The island is an emblem in alemania, and a jewel of culture in the world. Oktober fest is the 1 weekend of October (Tradition) Octobers fe n the world.

Octobers fest is the 1 weekend of October October fest is under of Munich and close of station central Is celebrate on the first Saturday after fifteen of September Is home It is Munich Bavaria It is a Famous Event in Germany The festival is seventeen day They drink different Types of beer These types of German beer She is distributes an people They are dnnks beer They are kiss very rich They are traditional dance music Germany The rest of Berlín Wold (Famous Place) • These are important because represent the new stage to the New Germany. ??? These are the rest of Berlín Wald over them exist grafitis (Se señala la diapositiva y se dice: These are grafitis) • Berlín is beside the Postdam under Lübek close to Hannover and far away the Stuttgart. Michael gallack He is a soccer player,he is thirty four years old, his name is Michael Ballack,he is tall,atletic and handsome,he is blond,he has short and black hair, his eyes are green, he is married with Simone Lambe. Claudia Schiffer. She is an actress and mod years old, her name is 31_1f3 Claudia Schiffer, she is tall is blond, she has a long