Entrevista en ingles

Entrevista en ingles gy camenaly 110R5pR 16, 2011 2 pagcs Interview to shakira at 20:00 Interviewer : Good evening shakira . could you give me 10 minutes? , i would like to make you an interview for chanel 16 Shakira: i’ II help you but only give you 6 minutes ,because i have a concert in barranquilla at 22:00 and the flight is in 15 minutes Interviewer: ok perfect Intrviewer: good evening this is Robert Meléndez in the airport from bogota , and here is the famous Singer shakira Interviewer: shakira What kind of music did you start singing and when?

Shakira: oh i sangfor first time when i was 5 years Old , i sang and dance arabian music Interviewer: when did you start your carrear as a Singer And What was your first musical com osition? to page Shakira: i started my composition titled y Interviewer: oh fanta rs Old. with my first ora Sv. ipe View nut*ge . sha talking about soccer… hat do you think about the recent champions of the -uefa champios league Shakira : for me Barcelona is the best soccer team ofthe world and it played very well in this cup the final was very dificult because the rival (MANCHESTER UNITED) is a good team too but inally Barcelona was the winner ofthe cup Interviewer: oh i hear that Will you appear in one episode of dora the explorer .. is it true?

Shakira : yes love this program because teach very good to the children II appear making a concert and dora Will be in that concert with her friends Interviewer : shakira thanks for share a time with us and have a good concert Shakira : thanks to all viewers and follow me and my new tour in europe Interviewer: ok it was all for today „ don ‘t lose the next episode. tomorrow we • II be interviewing to luis fonsi