Ensayo gy aragohDI Aexa6pp 02, 2010 2 pagos The Pursuit of Happyness Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, also has the curiosity of a child who plays the son of Will Smith is his real son. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a family man struggling to survive. Despite his valiant attempts to keep the family afloat, the mother (Thandie Newton) of his five year Old son Christopher (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith) begins to crumble because of the constant strain offinancial pressure, incapable of stand, against his feelings, he decides to leave.

Chris, now a single father, continues doggedly searching for a better paying job usin eve tactic known commercial. Get an internship at a presti pite not receiving PACE 1 ora any salary, accepts in e h curriculum with a job and a promising f Without any finan oon cast his son’s flat where they live, and are forced to live in shelters, bus stations, bathrooms or wherever they find shelter for the night. Despite their concerns, Chris continues to fulfill its obligations as a father and loving and understanding shown, using the affec Swpeto page ffection and trust his son has placed in him as an incentive to overcome the obstacles it faces.

Undoubtedly Will Smith. Because it gives much credibiliõy to the character, because it is able to support only the weight of the film, and it proves again that is a versatile actor. You just have a production that is sufficiently round to climb to the summit. Both Thandie Newton as the ittle guy, not clash. She is not my cup oftea, perfectly assimilated the role of working mother, dissatisfied wife, unable to believe in her husband and small is not eavy, which in this age is an achievement.

All I was watching this movie was too correct, but very flat all telefilm full of good intentions with a nice music, but little more, almost nothing was getting excited, until it reaches a phrase woke up «You got a dream, This is to protect «And then you begin to make sense of the movie and make it a bit of yours. The film is constantly maintained that happiness is linked to the possession of money, and even sounds a little bit romantic or idealistlc, it is Clear that there can be more real than today.