Conversation in a hotel

Conversation in a hotel gy kamimato ACKa5pR 02, 2010 2 pagcs ENGLISH CONVERSATION VIVI: welcome to the NOWEN Hotel. Is a pleasure for us attending you. How may I help you? CAMI: I’d like a room, please? VIVI: What kind of room you like? CAMI: l’d double room, thanks. VIVI: How many people travel with you? CAMI: Just 2, me and my boyfriend. VIVI: How many nights would you like to stay? CAMI: Four nights VIVI: Ok, may have your name please? CAMI: NINA NING. VIVI: Could you spell that, please? Swpeto page CAMI:NINANING

VIVI: How Will you be CAMI: Is Master Card VIVI: Yeah, is ok, are CAMI: Ali right, thank VIVI: Would you like a ora to View nut*ge CAMI: Yes, I’d like a wake up call at 8:00 VIVI: Ok, here’s you key, that ‘s room 501 on five floor thank for use Our service. CAMI: In the mean while, can someone g get aur baggages out of the taxi? VIVI: Of course. Please get the gentleman’s bags out of the taxi. Please sit down. JAIME: excuse me lady, here’s your luggage. Which is the room number? CAMI: HAVE THE ROOM 501 JAIME: PLEASE FOLLOW ME.

To the right is the lobby of the hotel, on your left is the main restaurant. ON THE SECOND FLOOR ARE THE-swimming pool, sauna and Turkish baths. IN THE BASEMENT YOU WILL FIND THE LAUNDRY. The check out is at 12:00. Breakfast time is from 6 to 9 am. Well…. we got to the fifth floor this is your room…. hope you have a good stay in Our hotel my name is MAEN NAIM. For anything you need. CAMI: HANK YOU, YOU HAVEA GOOD AFTERNOON Listen Read phonetically Dictlonary – View detailed dictionary pronoun you yourself thyself