Chupala gy cacosito 1 110R6pp 16, 2011 g pagos READING REPORT Student’s Name : I Renato Córdova Teacher’s Name : I Solange Dictionary Used : I Oxford Dictionary Coursel • Intermediate 5 | Time 5:30 A NEW CRISIS FOR EGYPTS COPTS Summary (150 to 300 words) Swpeto page – 7:30 This article talks about all the conflicts between the egypt’s copts and the muslims in egypt.

There are two reasons why all he conflicts began, the first reason is because a copt got involved with a muslim girl, and that is considered a taboo in e t and the second reason is because the muslims wanted of this two reasons t it’s when the muslim erson who was clos The president Mubar org nation. Because the pts. The first attack burn it all, and one eo on his cell phone. n ofit in 28 days. The second attack was on new year of 2011, the muslims send a bomb on another church of the copts, and after this attack came other ones.

The article said that behind all this conflict there is a legend, this legend it’s about about Marie and Jesus, it’s about the scape of them to egypt because Herod was killing all the boy kids, one angel told them about that and when Herod was dead. After the second attack the church in egypt went down economically, and the persons that orks in the church work free. The article told us their lives in there, first they take their breakfast, and then work in the agriculture, then they lunch, then chey go to walk around the city, then they go and wash their clothes and finally they make a study of the bible.

They said that is a sacrificed life to the church. Personal Opinion (Min. 50 words for 1 50-word summaries I Min. 100 words for 300-word summaries) I think that this artlcle make us realize how are the conflicts in other places of the world. ln my opinion, those kinds of conflicts are very silly. think that the muslims should respect other eligions as other religions respect them. If I could be the president of Egypt, I would propose that the country is not with any religion and all the people can choose the religion they want and they are no going to be judge.

And if someone is making attacks they would be send to jail for ever. I NEW EXPRES judge. And if someone is making attacks they would be send to jallforever. I NEW EXPRESSIONS IN CONTEXT (At least 5 – Make sure they are really relevant expressions — No additional points Will be given for longer lists). Expression I Quote from the text where expression was used I Meaning in this particular context Gleaming Has a gleaming exterior that contrasts with the dun.

Shine brightly, especially with reflected light Hauled I August was hauled to court in his sickbed Pull or drag with effort or force- Trimming The ground and trimming hedges I Decoration, especially for clothing. Yearning But found himself yearning for something A feeling of intense longing for something. Muster I As head priest couldn’t muster the same revolve Assemble (troops), especially for inspection or in preparation for battle. For Teachers Use Contents of Summary I Contents of Opinion I ; New Expressions in Context I Language Total: / 100 31_1f3 Teachers Feedback: