Auden gy itahisaad 110R5pR 16, 2011 4 pagcs Introducción a los textos literarios en lengua inglesa 17 Diciembre 2010 1 . Bozorth,Richar H. «But who would get it? Auden and the codes of poetry and desire. «John Hopkins press(Fa111995y. 709-727. JStor. http://rpcompl. sim. ucrn. es/jstor/stable/30030097 26 Oct. 2010. As the title suggest, inside the poetry of Auden , and other writers, exists the fact that ,this poetry, was been used to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, which could not be express freely, but got the secret meaning of the verses or the stories in hat literature.

The main idea that we can find in this article is the existance of S»ipeto to nex: page a gay hidden literatu ora times, the writters sh Id understandable by o rs Wit used to do the sarne Trying to escape fro e society in those n comments, only al condition, which bout their thoughs, they have to create their own language, that allow them to express themselves and not to be critiziced by others, so they used to use for example metaphors.

The author of the article try to present the reasons which moves Auden and his close friends, to do What they used to do, utting forward situations of their normal life or giving examples of poems or extract of b books. There are lots of examples of double sense poems in the history of literature, and this case is not an exception, one of them it could be: «The Mortmere Stories» that is not an Auden’s book. but it was writen by two of his friends.

He and his group tried to light against the censorship, we can not forget that at the beginning of the XX century, the homosexuality wasn’t accepted in the society, so there were codes, rules and laws about it and against it; maybe it was well nown who was gay or not, but nobody was talking 2 about it, even it could be a social suicide, or worse,it could be punished by the law; so the only solutlon that lots of artists found it was talked about they and their thoughts,in secret. An Auden was a very passional man, even when he was a believer in some periods of his life and he had a big changed about his ideas, after he went to live to the U.

S. A,or he was in Berlin, but what he never did, was stop expressing himself through his poems or writen works. 2Noung-ah Gottlieb, Susannah. «With conscious artifice» Auden’s defense of marriag . Young-ah Gottlieb, Susannah. «With conscious artifice» Auden’s defense of marnage. «Diacritics- A review of contemporary criticism. (2005). 23-41 . Web of Knowledge. http://rpproxy. iii. com:9797/MuseSessionlD= fe28822223dfe66c1 a221 aa9f781 ceO/M useHost=apps isiknowledge. com/MusePath/full_record. do doc—l &colname-WOS . 26 Oct. 010 The author introduces us to the Auden ideas about love and death, using a conversation or a lesson between two men, one of them is ill, and tries to explain the other What means for him this, and that he expects to leave a mark in the life after heis gone, ecause nothing is eternal, neither the love; the only things that survives ust are our actions and the facts. As we know, Auden was married once, but without a sentimental target from any of the two parts ( Erika Mann desired the british nacionality, and Auden wanted to know What to be married was, also to stop some comments about his sexuality. but he was relationated vvith lost of art mates, as Ishervvood. n this article the author tries to explain the vision about the marriage that Auden had, also about What he though about lave, if we read the poem called «Funeral Bl Lvf4 Blues» we can understand that for Auden the love wasn’t forever, it had an end, but even thinkng that, he was a great lover about live,getting married,having a long list of lovers, sharing his life with an american partner,etc.

Also the author use a comparation of Auden’s ideas with a recently film, about weddings and funeral, where his poem is read by one of the characters, as a comparation between the happy and sad part of ‘ove, a wedding or a funeral; trying to explain that nothing is eternal. After that first wedding of convenience, Auden got married not in a legal sense) with Chester Kallman because his sense of ‘ove and marriage was Still on.

Thanks to the book «Epithalamion» we can discover a romantic writer and the traditional one. He dedicated some poems to love, to life, to couples… showing What he really thought. At the end we can discover a human, who loved and hated, who showed his fears, his weak points,who tried to find the love, even when he knew that it wasn’t to be eternal; think that his point of View about this theme it can be explain with this sentence: «We must love one another or die. «