A memorable lesson

A MEMORABLE LESSON I really do not remember such a specific lesson in which I felt good, but what I actually keep them in my heart are those terrific teachers who made classes interesting and hilarious. These kind of teachers usually made the class work in groups. Everyone had their ovvn responsibility, because they consider that all of us had something to contribute even it was a simple idea.

They always thought; although with different words, that every idea and person belongs to the puzzle piece of Our own life. However, would remark an experience in my English class that omes to my mind every time when I see a Photo of me and my classmates. One of the most notable lessons was the lecture on idiomatic expressions where I learned how to use other phrases to express my descriptions on certain event or situations.

I learned how to be m g ideas by ora to vie»‘ by the use of idiomatic expressions. Sadly, I have forgotten most of them because I do not speak too much English. But, well, the thing is that every student in that class learnt a lot and got fun. We never felt anxlous or worried about any kind of teachers’ stuff, o we just felt part of that puzzle that teachers always talked about.

Nowadays, when I think about me being a future teacher, it brings to me many inspiring thoughts and not only from the social, but also from the pedagogical and professional point of view, because I think that Our personality is reflected in every moment of our To sum up, I consider that is good to have nice memories of our learning process but the most important thing is to create Our own experiences and think about some experiences we would like to share with others, because each of us can make the difference in the lives of Our students.